Rascal Inc.

A club to share year round enjoyment of the Snowy Mountains with families and friends in a communally based environment.

Working bees

Rascal members are encouraged to build their sense of ownership in the Lodge by participating in a working bee.

For working bees:

  • Participating Adult Members undertaking a full day's work (6-8 hours) receive $100 accommodation vouchers.
  • Cars receive and additional $50 to cover fuel etc
  • Junior Members and Adult and Junior Guests are welcome to participate in working bees and receive accommodation and catering for lunch and dinner, similar to adult members, but are not provided vouchers.
  • Vouchers can be used for bookings where the first night is before the end of the expiry year of the voucher.
  • Vouchers can be used to offset the cost of any casual or block booking.

Why should I attend?

  • Because you will have a great time working hard and enjoying the camaraderie of other Members and their families and friends.
  • Because you build a sense of ownership in your Lodge and a sense of pride in your contribution to its upkeep and maintenance and management.
  • Because you receive accommodation vouchers.
  • Because a magnificent morning and afternoon tea, lunch and dinner are provided by the Club on Saturday
  • Because you can meet Committee members in a relaxed environment and express your views about how to better run the Club
  • Because we should all share in maintaining the quality of the Lodge.
  • Work is usually undertaken on Saturday only, with Sunday as free time.

Voluntary Workers Compensation Insurance

Rascal has a voluntary workers compensation insurance policy that aims to cover Rascal volunteers at working bees. The policy schedule is here.

Working bee dates

The Club normally holds three working bees a year. Check the calendar for the actual dates this year.
  • March bee: – Summer : focus on gardening, including removing cotoneaster, and Lodge maintenance and cleaning
  • May bee:– Pre Winter : focus on un-installing the shade sails and pre-winter maintenance and cleaning
  • October bee: – Post Winter : focus is on installing the shade sails, post winter maintenance, gardening and cleaning.

What do I need to bring?

  • Food: The Club provides morning and afternoon tea, lunch and dinner on Saturday.
  • Equipment: Generally you do not need to bring any tools or other equipment.

How do I book to attend?

  • To attend just book a room on the website (www.rascal.asn.au) and select the free booking rate.
  • Working Bee bookings for the Friday and Saturday night are free.
  • You can book now for all or any of the above working bees.

Further information

Further information can be obtained by contacting our Office Manager.