Rascal Inc.

A club to share year round enjoyment of the Snowy Mountains with families and friends in a communally based environment.

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Rascal offers lovers of the mountains lots of advantages!

Rascal is a club for sharing year round enjoyment of the Snowy Mountains with families and friends in a communally based environment. We welcome new Summer members. Offers for Full membership is currently on hold and a waiting list for full membership was set up in October 2023. 

Advantages of joining Rascal
  • Cost effective accommodation in a range of room configurations
  • Close to Jindabyne shopping centre
  • Drying room
  • Washing machine
  • Fully equiped kitchen
  • Large lake fronting deck with sail shades
  • Complimentary use of snow shoes
  • Lock up shed for overnight storage of bicycles or kayaks
  • Communal living space - so you get to meet like minded others
  • On-line booking and membership renewal

Full adult membership

Full adult members can book the Lodge for themselves and guests at any time of the year. Full adult members are at least 18 years old as at 1 January this year.

Summer adult membership

Summer adult members have full membership status for any time of the year except the winter season which is from the June long weekend to the October long weekend and can book the Lodge for themselves and guests outside these dates. Summer members pay a significantly reduced joining fee and a slightly reduced annual subscription compared to Full members. 

Junior membership

Junior membership is open to people who are under 18 at 1 January this year and who are sponsored by a parent or guardian who is currently Financial and is a Full Adult or Summer Adult Member. Junior members sponsored by a Summer Adult member have their membership limited to all months of the year except for the winter season. Junior members can upgrade to Adult membership at reduced rates.


Membership applications must be considered at a Committee meeting, which are normally held monthly. If an application is accepted and there is a vacancy, an offer of membership is made. The joining fee is payable within 14 days of the letter of offer being sent, otherwise the application lapses. The Annual subscription fee in the year of joining is zero dollars.

If a full adult member resides at the residence then other adults at that same residence can join at fifty percent of the rate of the first full member at that residence.

With regard to partner or family memberships; there is no particular requirement for partners or family members to join in their own right, although this is encouraged. Memberships are not transferable - a non-member partner or family member is not permitted to use the Lodge independently of a member.

If you wish to proceed with an application, please complete a membership application form and email it back to us.  Please contact the Office Manager if you require any assistance in completing the form.


Accommodation is normally booked per night using the web based booking system. Rascal does not room-share - the only people in your rooms are those in your booking. Rascal has a range of room configurations: two bunk and four bunk rooms, a room with a Queen sized bed, a single bed room, a two bed room and a six bed room.

Members may take two non-members to the Lodge at any time of the year. Members may take an even larger number of non-members to the Lodge in non-winter season at the discretion of the Office Manager.

On designated weekends and/or most non-winter midweek days, members may make a “Block Booking”, which books the entire lodge for the member's exclusive use and at a rate that is significantly cheaper than the individual rooms can be booked.

All bookings are made by Members using the Club’s web site or by the Office Manager if requested to do so by the Member.


Rascal usually issues vouchers which can be used to offset the cost of accommodation. The vouchers are time limited and are generally issued for early renewal, for working bee attendance and in lieu of accommodation refunds (eg when a booking is cancelled).

Cancellation fees apply to all bookings or parts of bookings that are cancelled. Cancellation fees are described here.

Application to join is here.

Joining and rejoin fees are described here.

Accommodation fees are described here.

Vouchers are described here.

The Lodge and Committee are described here.

A brochure about the Club and Lodge is here.

If you would like more information, please email the Office Manager

Rascal Lodge in summer