Rascal Inc.

A club to share year round enjoyment of the Snowy Mountains with families and friends in a communally based environment.

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Rascal Dates

Sat 29 April 2023. Working bee. Join in to receive $100 of accommodation vouchers.

Attractive Join or Re-Join Options

Attractive Re-join opportunities for previous Adult or Junior members.If you know someone who was once a member or a junior member and who might like to rejoin, perhaps because their life has moved to a different phase, then Rascal is offering very attractive ReJoin rates.

Attractive New Membership opportunity: Rascal is offering attractive Joining Fees  for the first member of a residence, and even better rates for additional adults at that residence.

Free Annual subscription in the year of joining!

News and events

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Hike de Femme 2023
Hike de Femme - 3-5th March 2023 :This year's participants:Lynne Bentley, Hannah Birke, Denise Blair, Pennie Briese, Emma Cluterham,  Marian Currie, Kel Eckersley, Alison Elvin, Gale Funston, Chelsea Hillenaar, Emily Mathams, Jenny Morris, Lara Morri

2023_02_25 Working bee
Thank you to all who participated in what turned out to be a solid working bee: Wayne and Amanda Duhigg, and three teenage children, Ruth and John Beveridge, Anne Robinson, Gale Funston, Ken Moylan, Grant and Lauren Myers, Gregory Morris, Fiona and R