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A club to share year round enjoyment of the Snowy Mountains with families and friends in a communally based environment.

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RASCAL and Covid-19

While the COVID-19 threat continues to evolve, so does the relevant government’s responses.  RASCAL’s management of COVID is in line with the NSW Government’s current rules, with additional controls as required to ensure that our shared living model remains safe for our members and their guests.

With the Stay at Home orders lifted for the Snowy Monaro LGA on the 16th of September, the RASCAL lodge is once again available for use by members and their guests.  Anyone wishing to use the lodge:
  • Must not be subject to any form of stay at home, lockdown or quarantine requirements
  • Must comply with RASCAL's current COVID management plan, and
  • Must comply with all local, state or territory or federal government requirements, including any changes to the rules which come into effect while people at in the lodge
  • For the purposes of interpreting the rules, the lodge is classed as a commercial premises, and therefore the wearing of masks is mandatory when in any public spaces within the lodge

Until advised otherwise, the following requirements will apply for anyone wishing to enter, or stay in the lodge:
  • Anyone who is currently subject to any sort of movement restriction imposed by local, state or federal government will not be able to enter the lodge.  This includes any stay at home, isolate or quarantine directives.
  • Anyone who is staying at the lodge and becomes subject to any sort of movement restriction imposed by local, state, or federal government must immediately inform the President and make plans to leave the lodge within an agreed timeframe.  The committee has determined that the lodge is not a suitable location to serve a stay at home/isolate/quarantine requirement, and as such anyone under one of these requirements must leave.
  • Anyone accessing the lodge must comply with both the RASCAL COVID-19 management plan, and any personal requirements imposed by any local, state or federal government (eg mask wearing, QR code check-in)
  • Anyone accessing the lodge will need to determine whether any and all current COVID restrictions apply to them, and if requested by the committee will provide information to help the committee to understand how the rules apply
  • Anyone accessing the lodge agrees that the committee will have the final decision around whether they can, or can not use the lodge and agrees to follow any directions around leaving the lodge from the committee through either the President or Office Manager
Any members with a booking which is impacted by these requirements, please contact the Office Manager via email.

The committee is working hard to ensure that we provide a safe environment for our members and their guests and we thank you for committing to comply with your personal requirements, and to assist the club to comply with our requirements.

Rascal Dates

Oct 2021 Committee meeting at the Lodge (to be confirmed re Covid-19)
Oct 2021. Working bee. Join in to receive $80 of accommodation vouchers. (to be confirmed re Covid-19)

Attractive Join or Re-Join Options

Attractive Re-join opportunities for previous Adult or Junior members.If you know someone who was once a member or a junior member and who might like to rejoin, perhaps because their life has moved to a different phase, then Rascal is offering very attractive ReJoin rates.

Attractive New Membership opportunity: Rascal is offering attractive Joining Fees  for the first member of a residence, and even better rates for additional adults at that residence.

Free Annual subscription in the year of joining!

News and events

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This month    Update from the President
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Last month    Rascal re-opens for business
With the Stay at Home orders lifted for the Snowy Monaro LGA on the 16th of September, the RASCAL lodge is once again available for use by members and

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Impact of ACT and NSW lockdowns on lodge occupancy


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Lost Property
Rascal regularly accumulates lost property.  If you think you have left something at the Lodge please contact the Office Manager with a description of

Jindabyne Park Run - Weekly Free 5km Timed Run
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Weather    more detail

TodayJindabyneSnowy Mountains

Chance of rain: 90%
Cloudy. Very high (90%) chance of showers, becoming less likely late this afternoon and evening. Snow falling above 1500 metres. The chance of a thunderstorm in the north. Light winds becoming southerly 15 to 25 km/h in the middle of the day.
Probability Of snow at:
1000 metres: Below 5%
1400 metres: 20%
1800 metres: 80%
WedJindabyneSnowy Mountains

5 - 14
Shower or two.
Chance of rain: 70%
Rainfall amount: 0 to 1 mm
Cloudy. High (80%) chance of showers in the east, medium (60%) chance elsewhere. Winds south to southwesterly 20 to 30 km/h turning southeasterly during the morning.
Probability Of snow at:
1000 metres: 0%
1400 metres: 0%
1800 metres: Below 5%
ThuJindabyneSnowy Mountains

6 - 19
Partly cloudy.
Chance of rain: 20%
Partly cloudy. The chance of morning fog in the southeast. Slight (30%) chance of a shower. Light winds becoming east to northeasterly 15 to 20 km/h during the afternoon then becoming light during the evening.
FriJindabyneSnowy Mountains

9 - 22
Shower or two.
Chance of rain: 60%
Rainfall amount: 0 to 1 mm
Partly cloudy. Medium (50%) chance of showers. The chance of a thunderstorm in the afternoon and evening. Light winds becoming northwest to southwesterly 15 to 20 km/h during the day then tending northwest to northeasterly during the evening.
SatJindabyneSnowy Mountains

10 - 18
Chance of rain: 95%
Rainfall amount: 4 to 10 mm

SunJindabyneSnowy Mountains

5 - 13
Shower or two.
Chance of rain: 70%
Rainfall amount: 1 to 3 mm

MonJindabyneSnowy Mountains

3 - 12
Shower or two.
Chance of rain: 60%
Rainfall amount: 0 to 1 mm

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