Rascal Inc.

A club to share year round enjoyment of the Snowy Mountains with families and friends in a communally based environment.

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Rascal Dates

Sat 7 Oct 20232. Working bee. Join in to receive $100 of accommodation vouchers.
20-21 Oct 2023 Committee meeting at the Lodge

Attractive Join or Re-Join Options

Attractive Re-join opportunities for previous Adult or Junior members.If you know someone who was once a member or a junior member and who might like to rejoin, perhaps because their life has moved to a different phase, then Rascal is offering very attractive ReJoin rates.

Attractive New Membership opportunity: Rascal is offering attractive Joining Fees  for the first member of a residence, and even better rates for additional adults at that residence.

Free Annual subscription in the year of joining!

News and events

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Who is staying in your room?
Who is staying in your room?Yes, Rascal does want to know who is in your room. Edit your booking if you have a last minute change of guest or member either addition or cancellation. The website is our official record of occupancy. Equally important,

Car parking
Car parkingRascal has 10 rooms and 10 car places. If you have more than one car associated with your room, you must park elsewhere until you have confirmed that there will be a spare car space you can use.

Can't find a room at Rascal? Our email alerts may help.
Rascal has two email alert systems to help you find rooms.A winter weekly email about room availability for the next ten days. Rascal has an email subscription service  which will send you an email each Monday with information about room availability

Cancellation fees
Cancellation feesCheck you booking at the lodge. To avoid a cancellation fee make changes three weeks before the first night of your stay. The more notice you give the less the cancellation fee. However, cancelling any night helps other Rascal member