Rascal Inc.

A club to share year round enjoyment of the Snowy Mountains with families and friends in a communally based environment.

Rascal Newsletters


File Name

1973_02 Rascal News_compressed.pdf

1985_02 Rascal News.pdf

1985_12 Rascal News.pdf

1986_02 Rascal News.pdf

1986_04 Lodge Rules.pdf

1986_05 Rascal News.pdf

1986_08 Rascal News.pdf

1986_12 Rascal News.pdf

1987_05 Rascal News.pdf

1987_10 Rascal News.pdf

1987_12 Rascal News.pdf

1988_08 Rascal News.pdf

1994_10 Rascal News.pdf

1994_12 Rascal News.pdf

1995_02 Rascal News.pdf

1995_05 Rascal News.pdf

1995_12 Rascal News.pdf

1996_02 Rascal News.pdf

1996_05 Rascal News.pdf

1996_12 Rascal News.pdf

1997_02 Rascal News.pdf

1997_05 Rascal News.pdf

1997_10 Rascal News.pdf

1997_12 Rascal News.pdf

1998_02 Rascal News.pdf

1998_05 Rascal News.pdf

1998_12 Rascal News.pdf

1999_02 Rascal News.pdf

1999_02 RascalNews.pdf

1999_05 Rascal News.pdf

1999_10 Rascal News.pdf

1999_12 Rascal News.pdf

2000_02 Rascal News.pdf

2000_10 Rascal News - 30th Anniversary.pdf

2001_02 Rascal Newsletter.pdf

2001_05 Rascal News.pdf

2001_07 Rascal Newsletter.pdf

2001_10 Rascal News.pdf

2002_05 Rascal Newsletter.pdf

2002_08 Rascal Newsletter.pdf

2003_02 Rascal Newsletter.pdf

2003_05 Rascal News.pdf

2003_08 Rascal News.pdf

2004_02 Rascal News.pdf

2004_05 Rascal News.pdf

2004_08 Rascal News.pdf

2005_05 Rascal Newsletter.pdf

2005_08 Rascal News.pdf

2005_10 Rascal Newsletter.pdf

2006_02 Rascal News.pdf

2006_04 Rascal Newsletter.pdf

2006_07 Rascal Newsletter.pdf

2006_10 Rascal Newsletter.pdf

2007_02 Rascal Newsletter.pdf

2007_05 Rascal Newsletter.pdf

2007_08 Rascal newsletter.pdf

2007_10 Rascal newsletter.pdf

2008_02 Rascal Newsletter.pdf

2008_06 Rascal Newsletter.pdf

2008_10 Rascal Newsletter.pdf

2008_12 Rascal Newsletter.pdf

2009_02 Rascal Newsletter.pdf

2009_06 Rascal Newsletter.pdf

2009_09 Rascal Newsletter.pdf

2010_03 Rascal Newsletter.pdf

2010_06 Rascal Newsletter.pdf

2010_10_Rascal Newsletter.pdf

2010_12 Rascal Newsletter.pdf

2011_03 Rascal Newsletter.pdf

2011_06 Rascal Newsletter.pdf

2011_10 Rascal Newsletter.pdf

2011_12 Newsletter_compressed.pdf

2012_03 Rascal Newsletter.pdf

2012_06 Rascal Newsletter_reduced.pdf

2012_10 Rascal Newsletter.pdf

2013_04 Rascal Newsletter.pdf

2013_05 Rascal Newsletter.pdf

2013_10 Rascal Newsletter.pdf

2014_03 Rascal Newsletter.pdf

2014_06 Rascal Newsletter.pdf

2014_10 Rascal Newsletter.pdf

2015_03 Rascal Newsletter.pdf

2015_06 Rascal Newsletter.pdf

2015_11 Rascal Newsletter.pdf

2016_01_Rascal Newsletter.pdf

2016_03 Rascal Newsletter.pdf

2016_06_Rascal Newsletter.pdf

2016_09_Rascal Newsletter.pdf

2016_11_Rascal Newsletter.pdf

2017_03_Rascal Newsletter.pdf

2017_06_Rascal Newsletter.pdf

2017_11_Rascal Newsletter.pdf

2018_06_Rascal Newsletter.pdf

2018_09_Rascal Newsletter.pdf

2018_11_Rascal Newsletter.pdf

2019_02_Rascal Newsletter.pdf

2019_06_Rascal Newsletter.pdf

2019_12_Rascal Newsletter.pdf

2020_05_Rascal Newsletter.pdf

2020_10_Rascal Newsletter.pdf

2021_02_Rascal Newsletter.pdf

2021_07_Rascal Newsletter.pdf

2021_11_Rascal Newsletter.pdf

2022_05_Rascal Newsletter.pdf

2022_11_Rascal Newsletter.pdf

2023_04_Rascal Newsletter.pdf

2023_11_Rascal Newsletter.pdf


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Can you add to this collection? - either newsletters or images/stories

Much Rascal history was lost in the 2003 Canberra firestorm but we have gradually re-collected some of our historical documents. If you can add to our collection then that would be great. We need:
  • any Rascal newsletters that are missing from our collection. We are particularly missing editions between 1970 and 1985.
  • any images or stories of you and your family enjoying Rascal in its early days
If you have any such material please contact the Rascal WebMaster.


Did you know?

That early on in the piece Rascal sent a copy of each Newsletter to the National Library.  The Library has many hard copy early editions.  Rascal has since supplemented that with pdf versions of some missing editions.  But the collection is still incomplete.

The Rascal collection on the left panel includes all editions held by the National Library.

Rascal resumed the practice of sending a hard copy of Rascal News to the Library about a decade ago until in 2017 electronic lodgement became available.

Rascal newsletters are now available electronically on the National Library's Trove service here

So that's what we do!